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Jun 24
How to choose between a collar and harness

If you're wondering whether using a harness or a collar is best for your dog, and if…

Nov 11
A dog friendly afternoon tea at Hotel Meudon

Hotel Meudon, which sits atop lush tropical gardens to the north of the Helford River,…

Oct 05
A doggy diary: Dylan’s Christmas

I am so excited I am running round in circles chasing my tail as I am going to have…

Sep 01
List of Cornish beaches with dog bans 2021

Here is the list of Cornish beaches that have dog bans from 1 July to 31 August (two…

May 24
A doggy diary: Dylan’s holiday blog

Dylan the dog, a visitor to Beachpads near St Ives has shared his holiday diary with…

Apr 29
A puppy rescue story

It's pre-election time and while many councillors have been out and about on their…