Cornish gifts your dog will love

Rosie our Newfoundland turned 7, so in honour of her birthday, we're listing a few Cornish gifts for our canine companions...

Yesterday as our social media followers will know, Rosie our Newfoundland turned 7, so in honour of her birthday, we’re listing a few Cornish gifts for our canine companions…



Mini Mackerel tub, Paws For Cake, £3.50

These handmade treats by Tina and Pete of Paws For Cake in Hayle are like catnip is to cats, for dogs. Rosie goes crazy for the mini pasties and these mini mackerels. Whoever said you can’t buy a dog’s affection never tried these, and they are excellent for training! Available online and see the website for retailers and farmers markets

paddy paws dog shampoo pro-1

Insect repelling Dog Shampoo, £3.75, Paddy Paws by Sapooni

Sapooni make wonderful skincare products for humans and dogs, and this is one of their best selling products with good reason. It contains no nasty chemicals and is designed to ward off unwanted ‘little friends’. It’s made using extra coconut oil, so the lather is really rich and creamy, they’ve also added a blend of insect-repelling oils, including a dash of peppermint which actually kills fleas and ticks. The bars also include Neem oil, a natural healing oil from  India which is valued as an insect repellent. There is also vitamin E and Shea Butter for a shiny coat and healthy skin and aloe vera to soothe the skin. Available online and at stockists around Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly


Eco-friendly vanilla scented dog toys from the Eden Project

Ball with rope, £9, Eden Project

Scented with vanilla and made from non toxic natural materials, your dog will never taste anything nasty no matter how much they chew these toys. Like the whole range of these Eden Project eco dog toys, the ball is made from 100% natural rice husk rubber. Rice husk is the by-product of rice production; it’s a material that usually gets thrown away. Importantly when you throw this toy away it will biodegrade naturally, within two to three years. Available online or at the Eden Project,



Personalised wooden pet bed, small by Duchy Box Co, from £28, The Cornish High Street

These  boxes are hand made in St Cleer by Paul and Michelle Journeaux. “We select our timber from sustainable Cornish Larch and then go about creating our individual boxes taking great care to use specific pieces to enhance each box. The timber thickness is important to the construction because at 18mm we create a very strong product designed to last for years. Once the box is fabricated we then go onto hand finish the wood to create the feel of something that has been around for many years.”

The boxes are stained or painted, then distressed and waxed by hand to get the final effect. Each box comes with manilla rope handles at each end with the rope being bonded into the wood. The final stage is to add personalised wording and design on the front of the box and this can include graphics like flowers, paw prints etc.



Luxury dog bed, Country Classic, £499.99 by Woodcock & Cavendish

Finally, for the dog who has everything, a luxurious dog bed made using soft, soft wool and leather style Nuback with antique style hard wood legs. The bed is carefully constructed so your pet is fully supported no matter what position they choose to sleep or roll around in and the materials are washable with fire retardant inserts.

It supports dogs up to 80kg — big enough for Rosie the giant breed Newfoundland and a small friend, in fact. Available online and from the Woodcock & Cavendish Truro boutique on New Bridge Street, along with lots of other dog friendly delights.

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