Mexico Towans

The central stretch of sand between Gwithian and Philack near Hayle.

If you have ever visited the St Ives and Hayle area, you will be aware of the huge stretch of soft, blonde sand that faces north west towards St Ives. This beautiful four mile stretch of sands is backed by dunes known as the Towans, derived from the Cornish word for sand dunes and part of this stretch is a dog friendly beach.  The southern edge of the beach stretching from Hayle estuary along to the area known as Phillack Towans or Riviere Towans are not dog friendly beaches. Neither is the northernmost area of the beach, from Gwithian to Godrevy known as Gwithian Towans.

Mexico Towans, right in the centre of this four mile stretch, however, is a dog friendly beach. Good news is that as of summer 2017, dog owners can now access Mexico Towans via the beach at Gwithian and the council has put signs up to give direction.

Dog friendly beach: Mexico Towans in Cornwall




How to get there:

From Hayle  

Follow the B3301 towards Gwithian and Godrevy.  You can access the central stretch of beach between Gwithian and Philack by walking west along the beach towards St Ives.

Do always check tide times before you go on this beach, it is long and there are rocky outcrops on the beach which mean you can get cut off from an easy access point from the dunes by an incoming tide. Although there are lots of sandy paths up into the dunes, although some are rather steep in places.

There is some parking along the road here and a National Trust car park near Godrevy.

Dog friendly eateries: The Cove Cafe, at the Riviere Towans is dog friendly, so is the Godrevy Beach Cafe in the National Trust car park at Godrevy.

Facilities: The cafes and there are also toilets near the lifeguard hut at the northern / Gwithian edge of Mexico Towans on the dunes.

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