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Positive, Possible, Praise and Paw Animal Training

Praise and Paws offer numerous behaviour training, guidance, puppy classes and fun packages for dog owners. We also have years of experience with small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and pet birds.

We are passionate about what we do and deliver powerful results in order to create a sense of serenity- meaning a calm, relaxed and happy animal.

Kaylee is a member of the Association of Pet Behaviourist and Counsellors. She gained membership by having a Foundation Scientific Degree in Animal Behaviour and Psychology and achieving a First in her Bachelors Honours Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. As well as 5 years of studying animal behaviour, learning, emotion and welfare, Kaylee has worked in various organisations including nutrition centres, rescue centres. veterinary practices and zoological parks (including Paradise Park and The Seal Sanctuary).

Kaylee started this journey with a roaring passion to improve the wellbeing of dogs, changing the traditional method by training emotion instead of the dog. Kaylee has paired with Sarah’s Doggie Day Care who also has a strong passion to enrich the lives of dogs through dog walking, doggie day care and home to home boarding. Together with their passion and fun ideas, we hope to see pet owners join them and become Praise and Paw Parents!

With Kaylee’s knowledge and vast experience, she has invented her own puppy classes and training packages that provide powerful results and long term success, all with positive training!

Pup 101 starts on 21 February, is based upon 6 group sessions focusing on socialisation, training for self-control and boosting your dog’s confidence. It also includes 6 personal one-to-one sessions with Kaylee. The sessions are designed around your needs and the lifestyle that you and your dog will have. This includes everything from managing separation anxiety when you are at work, through to tailored nutritional advice geared to meeting your dog’s energy needs. Finally, you will also receive a Praise and Paw booklet that covers everything puppy related!

Our Marley Programme is a four week programme aimed at helping you with your dog’s adolescent phase. Adolescence can be a difficult time for dogs and their owners, as pups go through many changes behaviourally and psychologically. Puppies can become less obedient and can become more destructive as their adult teeth grow. The Marley programme includes one-to-one sessions with Kaylee, where you decide with her what you would like to achieve in your training. The programme includes a group session each Thursday focusing on socialisation, increased training and trouble shooting any problems you might have. We have already received fantastic feedback from Marley Troops and we are so proud of them so far: shout outs to Teddy, Hazel and Prince!

We have fun packages designed specifically for reactivity, anxiety, self-control or a package to reestablish or strengthen your connection with your dog! These all include tailored personal 1 to 1 sessions with Kaylee where she works with you and your dog, understanding the motivations behind behaviours and importantly, coaching you so you can carry out training with some hidden surprises! To find out more then please phone or message us.

We hold educational workshops every Tuesday evening and March will be Mad March, providing practical workshops for you control an over excitable dog or highly prey driven dog!

We look forward to joining us on this journey, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. First Class Service

    I have a 6 month rescue lab, Hazel, who I am hoping will be a PAT dog when she is older. She is a wonderful pup and deserves the absolute best….

    I have joined the Marley programme with Kaylee and I can honestly say Kaylee is AMAZING…. she is guiding both myself and Hazel through incredible training that is making a real difference each day… We also have 1:1’s which are truly invaluable… I highly recommend booking some sessions with Kaylee to improve the quality of life for both you and your dog…

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