5 Tips For Taking Your Dog Camping

Taking your dog with you on a camping trip can be a wonderful experience for all involved, giving both you and your dog the chance to interact with nature. However, if this is an entirely new experience for you, it is worth planning ahead to ensure the trip goes smoothly. Here are 5 top tips for getting the most out of your adventure:

1.Know your dog

This may sound like an obvious statement but it is important that your camping holiday is tailored to your pooch’s personality. For example, more laid-back dogs with the best recall may be allowed off the lead around the tent, whereas dogs more prone to distractions could benefit from being restricted to a smaller area. In this case, packing a small stake to tie a lead to or even a wind breaker to provide a makeshift garden.

2.Practise recall

Whether you’re on a busy campsite or hiking through the woods, there are bound to be things that will catch your dogs eye. Its worth taking the time to practise and ensure your dog responds to your calls. This is the best way to be respectful to other campers and keep your dog safe.

3.Be aware of your surroundings

Although your campsite is dog friendly, the surrounding area may not be as accommodating. Be aware of the nearby environment in case your dog runs off unexpectedly. Farms in particular should be avoided as during lambing or calving seasons farmers can be extra protective! Before you set off have a quick google of the surrounding area or even ask campsite staff for advice. They may even be able to recommend the best dog walks to you.

4.Keep an eye on your dog’s health

Prepare for your trip by making sure your dog is up to date with all vaccinations and be sure to pack a first aid kit, including tweezers for tick removal. Click here for some advice from the Blue Cross about ticks and tick removal. While on the trip it’s worth keeping an eye on what your dog is trying to eat and giving regular tick checks so your dog stays safe and enjoys their time away.

5.Remember to pack towels

English weather is often unpredictable, whether you get caught in a surprise rainstorm or the hot weather results in your dog sneaking off for a dip in a pond, you will want to be able to clean them off before snuggling up together in a small tent!

Considering a camping trip in Cornwall with your four legged friends? These are some of the campsites that we can recommend:

East Crinnis Camping, near St Austell

Situated near coastal paths for walking (and only a 25 minute walk from the nearest dog friendly beach), this beautiful site offers camping, glamping and log cabin experiences, allowing you to tailor your trip to both you and your dog’s needs.

Dinham Farm, near Rock

If you’re looking for a calming escape in nature, try Dinham Farm as they pride themselves on providing a relaxing countryside experience. Their facilities include campfires and even an outdoor heated swimming pool!

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