6 ways to deal with sandy paws

One of the best things about owning a dog in Cornwall? Being able to go for walks on the beach! The only downside? More often than not this results in one wet dog with four very sandy paws. Here are six tips.

  1. Be prepared

If you can, train your dog not to jump up and not to enter the house and/or car before paws are rinsed or wiped. And pack old towels. Unless of course you’re staying somewhere like Woodlands Country House in Padstow, so dog friendly they actually have dog towels for guests. www.woodlands-padstow.co.uk




  1. Protect your car

Don’t let the dirt get between your car seats and onto the floor mats. Protect the inside of your car, either with an old blanket, a boot liner or with this Solvit waterproof seat cover. It doesn’t only protect the back seats and the floorboard area from dirt and spills, it’s also a hammock!

hammock cover

More info: http://www.easyanimal.co.uk/solvit-waterproof-hammock-seat-cover.html#product_tabs_description


  1. Rinse your dog

If possible, rinse the sand and salt from your dog’s coat before leaving the beach, for example with a bottle of water. In Perranporth, on the north coast of Cornwall, there’s a special dog washing centre where you can clean your canine for £2.

perranporth dog wash

When washing, pay special attention to your dog’s paws, as any remaining salt and sand there can cause damage. Also, when your pooch has been playing on the rocks, make sure to check it for any cuts.


  1. Wrap up warm

When rinsing or washing your dog at the beach, make sure to thoroughly dry it afterwards, especially in winter time. If there’s no dryer at the beach, consider a doggy coat to keep it warm on the drive back home and turn up your car heating. There are some lovely dog coats available online from Furzu Pets in Truro www.furzu.co.uk

Furzu dog coats



If you’ll be washing your dog at home, you might want to wrap it in an old towel, both to keep it warm and to protect your car.


5. If needed, add soap

Most times a rinse will suffice, but if your dog is really dirty you might need some shampoo or soap to clean extremely muddy paws. When washing it’s always best to use special products for canines. All soaps and shampoos of Sapooni are handmade in Cornwall from 100% natural materials.

paddy paws coat oil pro

The coat conditioning oil of the Paddy Paws collection contains a blend of oils that help to de-tangle and smooth your dog’s coat after washing while at the same time moisturising its skin. www.sapooni.com/paddy_paws


  1. Don’t mind too much

No matter how many precautions you take, you’re probably going to end up with some sand in your house and/or your car. Try not to mind too much. A sandy dog is most likely a happy dog and one that has had a lot of fun on the beach.