Dog friendly pasties by Paws for Cake

11226033_1099043213456356_4403609519644026684_oIf there is one thing Cornwall has a right to be proud of it’s our Cornish pasties, and now, thanks to Tina Willoughby and her husband Pete who run Paws for Cake, based in Hayle, our dogs can enjoy a dog-friendly healthy version of this much-loved treat too.

Tina stumbled upon her gift for creating healthy treats that dogs love in 2010 when she was told that liver cake would encourage her oldest dog Nelly in agility training. “When we got home I looked up the recipe online and decided to bake some ready for our next class.  It was a smelly thing to make but it could be frozen in portions for each class.  Nelly loved it and it soon got a lot of interest from other dogs.  Our fellow classmates asked about the cake and I started taking orders.”

After a friend bought her a dog cookbook, Tina began baking different treats and Paws for Cake was born. “The response has been incredible,” says Tina. “Not only do dogs go crazy for the treats, but owners know that we are using good quality ingredients — as good as those we use for human food, locally sourced where possible and that there are no preservatives or additives in the treats. We’re also careful to avoid foods which are toxic to dogs. For example in our pasty treats, which are hugely popular, there is beef, turnip, potato and fresh home-grown parsley, but no onion — because onions can be poisonous to dogs. Tomato seeds are another thing to avoid.”

11214221_1066596140034397_8553772569570562314_nOther favourites at Paws for Cake are the Banapple biscuits, made from banana and apples. There are also Liver Bones and Honey Hearts. Tina and Pete’s products have been so successful in fact, that they are now the gourmet canine choice of treat for the National Trust properties in Cornwall, Carbis Bay Holiday homes and you can buy them at dog friendly gardens including the Eden Project, the Lost Gardens of Heligan and Trebah Gardens.

Meanwhile Tina and Pete have two new additions to keep Nelly company, Jack and new puppy Olly (who is actually two now) have possibly the best job a dog could have, as tasters for Tina’s new treats.

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COMING SOON…Tina’s Honey Heart recipe

Below: some photos of Tina, Pete and Nelly, Jack and Olly