Keep your dog safe in the sun

Below: Photo by pet photographer Deb McGuire

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1. Wear sunscreen. Apply it to exposed areas, predominantly the snout and the area between the back legs (especially if they like to roll over and sunbathe! Choose a sunscreen that is safe for human babies and do a small 24 hour patch test in case your dog is allergic to the one you have chosen.

2. Avoid Zinc Oxide. This is toxic to dogsdog-t-shirt-love-bone

3. Consider a T shirt. Customize a light coloured T shirt and pop it on your dog, especially if they have exposed skin or fur loss. We love this one from

4. If you’re going to be out somewhere where there is no shade, consider taking a little pop up tent, they can cost as little as £5 for a foldaway tent if you search on ebay

5. Take plenty of water. A dog travel water bottle will allow you to easily pour some water out to keep your pooch hydrated wherever you are.

6. Should go without saying, but never leave your dog unattended in a car. RSPCA advice is not to do it even if you leave the windows open. Click here for advice about what to do if your dog, or a dog you see has heatstroke or is trapped in a car.