A walk to Nanjizal Cove, the Song of the Sea from the Apple Tree Cafe, near Sennen

Viki and Kelly of Dog Friendly Cornwall took bouncy boxer Pepper on a much-loved walk to Nanjizal Cove, near Sennen, home to the coastal arch known as The Song of The Sea.

Kelly who also runs the wonderful Nordic walking club Walk Kernow kindly accompanied  Viki who had long wanted to do a short, three mile round trip from The Apple Tree Cafe in Trevescan, Sennen, just one mile from Land’s End, to Nanjizal Cove.

Nanjizal Cove is situated in a truly spectacular part of the Cornish coastline, where Land’s End stretches through beautiful coves at Penberth and Porthgwarra. This particular cove is well-known for the rock arch where the sea has worn a tall, narrow passage through the cliff, known as The Song of the Sea (Zawn Pyg). From the beach, you can see the ocean beyond framed through the arch which is set in a pool of crystal clear seawater.


We drove towards Land’s End and turned off just before we arrived to find Trevescan and the Apple Tree Cafe. It’s a wonderful place, with a great reputation for food, and lots of lovely art and crafts in the cafe too. There are plenty of dog bowls around outside and it is dog friendly inside too.

Apple Tree Cafe dog friendly cafe, in Cornwall


From the cafe, we crossed the road and turned left and then, following instructions from the very kind lady in the cafe, turned right into what looks like the driveway of a home, and walked past the houses just to the left of the bus stop to find the style which leads onto the path to Nanjizal Cove.


Apple Tree cafe dog friendly cafe in Cornwall


From here we followed the path to Trevilley Farm where the path continues through two fields and through the farm, on past a lovely little library shed with some notices of local events. Just beyond there is a lane and you must choose to turn left or bear right continuing through the farm. Bearing right / straight on through the farm, is the right way!

We soon came to a recently ploughed field which had obliterated the path, but discovered that walking along the right hand hedge and then crossing the field diagonally to the far left hand corner brought us to another style and the path once again clearly defined over some heathland.


The path continues on for a short while here until you reach a point where two high hedges line either side of the path, and a short distance on, you can choose to turn left or or continue straight ahead.

Both paths will take you to Nanjizal Cove, but the main thing to remember at this point is to PUT YOUR DOG ON A LEAD.  You will soon be at the cliff edge or on a steep downward path and if your dog runs loose, even if recall is good, it is possible they may run into other walkers on what is a steep and rocky path.



We continued on along the upper path with takes you out to spectacular views of Land’s End and Nanjizal Cove below. We had a few breathless moments as Pepper had bounded on ahead, but thankfully she soon reappeared and no-one else was around. We did make a note that the tall hedge path is the place to get your dog on a lead as it would be so easy for a dog to run off and fall, or knock someone over.



From here we made our way down to the cove where there is a stream you must cross via a wooden bridge with steep steps and you arrive at Nanjizal Cove with it’s beautiful rock arch and azure pools. There’s also a little waterfall on the beach and panoramic views along this dramatic stretch of the coastline.


The beach was full of huge boulders when we went, so not suitable for Pepper (or indeed any dog) to run on, and quite ankle-breakingly tricky for me, but I got as close to the Song of the Sea as I could and enjoyed the views.



The way back is simply to follow your own footsteps back up the steep climb and along the fields to the Apple Tree Cafe.



It’s a beautiful walk, but do take care with your dog as you near the coastline.

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