Piada & More, Falmouth

Move over pasties… a new dog friendly Italian restaurant in Falmouth – Piada & More – is offering an alternative option to the town, whether you want a takeaway lunch or a sit down meal.

The restaurant, on Arwenack Street, is serving – as its name suggests – a classic Italian street food called the piada (pronounced pee-are-der). Piada is a thin flatbread typically made with white flour, olive oil, salt and water, then filled with, well, whatever you fancy – toasted or served as they come.

There are over a dozen piade on the menu at Piada & More, from Italian sausage and onions, Coppa Ham and Stracchino cheese to an impressive range of vegetarian fillings such as grilled courgettes and aubergines with tofu. For those with a sweet tooth, why not try Nutella with pine nuts and powdered sugar. Have them folded over or try a piadipizza.

All the ingredients are sourced from Italy, even the salt – the only exception are, of course, the vegetables.

We tried the Modena – Pancetta with Parmigiano Reggiano and balsamic vinegar drizzled over a bed of rocket salad. It was delicious, oozing with Italian flavour and in the glorious weather we have been having, more than enough to transport you to a sun-drenched Italian piazza.

Adding to this illusion is the ‘& More’ part of the restaurant title. While we were there, a chap came in for one of the Italian coffees on offer – ‘like no other’ he had tasted. Piada & More is also fully licensed so you can choose from an array of Italian wines and beers too. This is certainly an ideal spot for a Prosecco.

Owners Riccardo and Mary have two rescue greyhounds of their own so your dog will be guaranteed a warm welcome while you enjoy a real authentic taste of Italy right here in Cornwall.

Save that pasty for another day!