Take your dog for a bike ride in a dog trailer!

If you love cycling around Cornwall, it can sometimes be a bit tricky for some dogs to keep up! And while some dog owners can literally take their dog out for a walk while they cycle, not every dog owner has a four-legged friend who has the speed, stamina or road sense to manage it.

The good news is that some bike hire places now offer doggy trailers, so you can hitch the trailer to the back of your bike and enjoy a lovely long exploration of some of Cornwall’s lovely trails while your dog enjoys the ride in the trailer!

“It’s very popular for visitor who hire bikes and stay at our campsite,” says Alli Wallace of Elm Farm Camping and Bike Hire near Portreath in Cornwall. “It’s not always possible to leave your dog at home while you head out, especially if you are camping, and this is a lovely way to enjoy a day out with your dog.”

At Elm Farm, which is situated on the Coast to Coast trail from Portreath on the north Cornwall coast to Devoran on the south Cornwall coast, you can hire a bike for the day from £15 and a dog trailer for £10.

This week to help us launch our new directory we’re able to offer you bike hire for two people for one day plus a doggy trailer, which would usually cost £40 for just £30. If you know someone who loves dogs and who loves cycling, it’s a lovely gift they can enjoy in 2017, or you might want to try it yourself.

For more information about Elm Farm bike hire visit www.elmfarm.biz/mfarm.biz and you can buy the £30 bike hire for two plus doggy trailer at the 25% discount by pledging for this reward on our Crowdfunder page (on the right hand side)www.crowdfunder.co.uk/dog-friendly-cornwall# You have just under a week and the offer is a first come, first served offer.