Who says dogs can’t surf?

Today Adam my husband came across a fantastic video of dogs surfing in a dog Surf-a-thon in San Diego, California. It seems that dogs have been surfing very well from as early as 1944, and there are competitions in California and Hawaii.

980xYou can enjoy the Dogs Surfing video here

If you are a surfer yourself and are interested in teaching your dog to surf, take a look at the video tutorials here:

Teach Your Dog to Surf http://www.surfdogricochet.com/teach-your-dog-to-surf.html

Teach your dog to surf by So Cal Dogs http://www.socalsurfdogs.com/teach-your-dog-to-surf.html

Dogs surf in Cornwall too, the most famous (and please correct me if there are some other dogs who should be mentioned here!) is Mango from St Newlyn East near Newquay. See Mango in action here

Mango has had puppies recently, and you can read Mango’s blog here.

Meanwhile here are a few shots of dog surfers in action, definitely looks like a fun thing to do, as long as you make sure you do it as safely as possible!


Surfing dogs


Below: Mango from St Newlyn East is a famous Cornish doggy surfer
mango_005 copy mango_006

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