A doggy diary: Dylan’s Christmas




I know I said before that my owner, “The Boss” is clever, I need to change that to being the most cleverest and best owner a dog could want!


I am so excited I am running round in circles chasing my tail as I am going to have the best Christmas ever.


Guess what the Boss has gone and done…she has got us booked in to go back to my best holiday destination ever.


Yes we are back off to Cornwall but not only that we are going back to the best holiday home ever on the beach, Beachpads near Carbis Bay..


I am over the moon excited as I couldn’t go in June when there were too many Presidents and Prime Ministers having BBQS enjoying a bbq just by Hawkes Point at the far end of the beach.


Must be a good beach!


Porthkidney beach near Beachpads in Cornwall


I am so excited that I got woken up from a super dream of running for miles on the golden sand and chasing the never ending waves.


The beach is sooooooooo BIG that I can run for miles. It was such a nice dream. Why did the The Boss have to wake me up? It was a bit strange especially as I woke up with this hat on… what do you think?


Dylan the dog in a Christmas hat on Porthkidney beach, Cornwall


To find out more about Beachpads and book visit www.beachpads.co.uk