A doggy diary: Dylan’s holiday blog



Dylan, a four-legged visitor to Beachpads near St Ives has shared his holiday diary with us this week. With thanks to Lizzie Quaile for the photographs.

“My name is Dylan.


Dylan the dog on Porthkidney beach at Beachpads near St Ives, Cornwall

My owner, ‘The Boss’ is so clever as she was able to find the best holiday home ever! Beachpads must be friendly to dogs as they allow us canines to stay as well.  The beach is sooooooooo BIG! My favourite activity was chasing the waves as they come in go out, come in and go out, come in and go out, I definitely shook it all about. It never stopped.  I was so happy and could do that all day if The Boss would have let me.


Dylan the dog at Porthkidney beach at Beachpads, near St Ives in Cornwall


I even enjoyed just sitting and watching the view for hours.


Dylan the dog at Beachpads, St Ives in CornwallDylan the dog at Beachpads, St Ives in Cornwall









The Boss was always up for a lovely long walk…none of that quick walkies around the park. (Not that The Boss ever does that).  Here walks are so easy.  Just a few steps and we are right there. It felt like the Boss and I stayed out for ages. So much room to throw my ball and even the other Doggies didn’t try to get it as they were too far away.  I could run and run and run and run… I slept so well……

I shouldn’t forget a good dig in the sand is worth a go…… I couldn’t find the bone though….I did find a shipwreck…….



Dylan the dog finds something interesting in the sand Porthkidney beach Beachpads, St Ives in Cornwall

We both kept finding new things to see and do.

I had a fantastic time staying at The Beach House in Lelant. I know The Boss did too!  It is so good we both can’t wait to return. The Boss is planning a summer trip as I can go on the beach all the year round.

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of my holiday snaps. This is my favourite.

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