Beach-wear for your dog

7eb2f28a-cf49-454a-a124-9d4223e008bb-250x250If you and your dog love the beach, investing in some special beach-friendly doggie accessories might be a wise investment.

Karen Hoyle founder of Rockpool: The Beach Dog Company came up with the idea for leads and collars that don’t corrode when exposed to saltwater and sand after she found that the collars and leads she was using for her dog Bailey, a cocker spaniel  were not lasting for very long due to corrosion of the metal or plastic elements and the effects of the sea water on leather collars.

“She loves the water so much and as we live in Newquay she was always in the sea,” says Karen. I looked around for leads and collars that would last for dogs who go to the beach a lot and found there were some good products and that is how Rockpool got started.”

slide4Karen started Rockpool in 2014 selling special leads and collars and other products for dogs who love the beach and soon the range extended to other products which come in handy for dogs and owners who love to enjoy time together beside the seaside. Dog life jackets and flotation devices are very popular with the sailing community and those who take their dogs out kayaking and even stand up paddlebaording. There are leads which can be hitched around the owners waist so you can run (or nordic walk) with your dog. Karen has also found that rash vests for dogs are popular.

“They help to protect a dogs body from the sun, increase visibility if they are in the water and also keep them cool in warm weather if they have been in the sea, as the vests keep water close to the dog’s body. I wasn’t sure how well they would go but at Polo On The Beach at Watergate Bay earlier this summer they were the most popular item I had.”

Karen’s website also has lots of information about exactly why beaches cause so many problems with dog collars and leads, advice on beach safety for dogs, choosing a lifejacket and lots more. We’re loving it 🙂