I, Jack Russell: Photo book by Cornwall-based photographer Andy Hughes

But a chance conversation with one of his publishers in New York revealed they both loved Jack Russells. The result is Andy’s latest publication, I, Jack Russell, a book born out of his love for dogs, beaches and all things Jack Russell. It includes dogs photographed both in Cornwall and the USA after Andy travelled to some huge Jack Russell conventions out in the States.

You can see a video about the book here:

[vimeo 46932824 w=500 h=281]

Andy lives in Cornwall with his partner and two Jack Russells, one elderly female called Lily who is blind, partly deaf and incredibly sweet and Maui aged 14, (pictured below) who is still bouncing around.

You can find out more about the book here www.amazon.co.uk

And there’s more about Andy and his work here: www.andyhughes.net

You can see some of Andy’s Jack Russell photos from the book below:

Maui near the Towans, Hayle





This essay ‘Does Your Dog Love You?’ in Andy’s book I, Jack Russell was written by world famous dog expert John Bradshaw