Bring on the Boxers

No doubt you’ve seen the John Lewis Christmas ad starring Buster the Boxer…




but what are Boxers like as pets? We spoke to Stuart Radnedge of the Cornwall and South Devon Boxer Rescue Centre about his dog Dexter, the work of the rescue charity and whether Boxers and trampolines really mix…

How brilliant a pet is a Boxer dog?
We got Dexter in February and the nine months with him have been the most enjoyable I could ever imagine. He’s just fantastic. They have such great spirit – so gentle but incredibly entertaining. The looks they give you are like caricatures of how a child might draw a dog. They’ll hear a noise and the reaction they give to said noise can leave you crying with laughter. They are also incredibly loyal and protective, though not in an aggressive way.

What do you think of the John Lewis advert?
It has the spirit of Boxer dogs all over it – the makers have clearly worked with the dog’s family to capture it. But sadly when you have heartwarming adverts like this, there’s an influx of dogs that are bought from disreputable breeders. These breeders sell without making the necessary checks to make sure the dogs are going to the right home. That’s when we step in. Our fear this Christmas is there is going to be massive demand on boxers and the winners will be these disreputable breeders who just pocket the money.

Tell us about the charity.
We’re called Cornwall and South Devon Boxer Rescue but our border stretches up to Bristol and Gloucester. We always match the dogs to the people because the dog is the priority. We have a homefinder form for potential owners on our website or we can send it out to them. As soon as your profile meets the profile of a dog, we’ll arrange a home assessment. This ensures the potential home is going to be suitable for the dog.

What should people consider before adopting a Boxer?

Their reserves of energy – it’s incessant! I’ve taken Dexter on four mile walks and he still wants to keep going. It makes them entertaining to be around but it is like having a toddler. They stay that way until about eight or nine and then their energy levels recede. Also they are obedient dogs but it often takes a lot of training!


stuart-and-dexterStuart with Dexter


And finally, Boxers and trampolines – do they really mix?
Funnily enough, I’m six foot two and Dexter can lick my forehead – no trampolines required!

To find out more about the rescue centre and Boxer dogs, plus to find out ways you can help the charity, visit: or find them on facebook