Put your dog on top of a cake!

If you love your dog so much you could eat him all up, why not get your best friend recreated as a cake topper?

Cake topper queen Nicky Lewis from Wadebridge creates all kinds of amazing cake toppers, ranging from bridal couples and intricate flower arrangements to doggies!



“I use special cake topping ingredients which are fairly durable and easy to work with, so although everything is edible, the cake topper itself can be kept for years if you want to.”

Of course, much of Nicky’s work is for weddings and special occasions, but she’s also happy to make Christmas cake toppers (although you’ll need to hurry just now!)

Nicky’s work is all bespoke, so whether you have a pure-breed Afghan hound or a Heinz variety rescue dog she can recreate your pet (or any humans) in the form of cake topper.

What is perhaps surprising to many is Nicky’s prices. At the moment, for example, she has kindly donated her services to create a cake topper doggy for Dog Friendly Cornwall’s crowdfunder, and although Nicky’s prices usually start at around £20, this is on offer for £15.

If you want to be the one to get Nicky’s Dog Friendly cake topper go to the Dog Friendly Cornwall crowdfunder page and find Nicky’s offer among the rewards on the right hand side.  If you miss out, you can reach Nicky at her Nicky Lewis caketopper Facebook page Tip Top Cake Tops