Cornwall Council consultation on dog bans

dog on a beach

Cornwall Council launched their public consultation on dog beach bans this year. It closed in November 2019 and we will share the results of the consultations and new beach ban information as soon as it is available.


The Council currently has 48 Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) which apply restrictions at certain times of the year for dogs on beaches across Cornwall.

The orders will expire next April so the council has been asking residents for their views before the new restrictions are drawn up.

The current list of beaches with restrictions for dogs are on the Council website.

The PSPOs have to be reviewed every three years and as part of the consultation residents can give their opinions on the current restrictions.

The Council has been speaking to town and parish councils and beach owners ahead of the public consultation which has been launched.

In the survey for the wider public consultation the Council will ask whether more or less beaches should have restrictions and whether there should be blanket start and finish dates for the restrictions, for example from May 1 to September 30.

The Council will also ask which month the restrictions should start and end and the times of day the restrictions should be in force.

People will be able to respond to the consultation which will run until November 19. Responses will be reported back to the Council’s Neighbourhoods Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Rob Nolan, Cornwall’s Cabinet Member for the environment and public protection, said: “Cornwall has hundreds of beautiful beaches and dogs are welcome all year round on many. At more popular times of the year, when our beaches are busy with families, dogs are restricted from some as not all beach goers welcome our four- legged friends.

“We always try to balance the wishes of dog owners and families looking for safe, dog free experiences so provide a choice. We want to hear residents’ local viewpoints so we can understand how best to apply any future restrictions for dogs on beaches.”

Information is available at dog restricted beaches or information on all Cornwall Council beaches can be found on our Dogs on beaches web page.