A surprising solution if your dog is itchy this summer

Itchy dog scratching its skin.

There can be many reasons why dogs get itchy skin, but one cause you may not have investigated could be your dog’s diet.

“We gain a great deal of insight into what causes dogs to get skin irritation through the work we do running our dog day care,” says Katy Peck, co-founder of Natural Cornish Pet and Doggy Day Care Cornwall in St Erth, Cornwall. “We can be looking after around 70 dogs in one day, and feeding them — a common theme is food intolerances.

“Obviously every pet is different, and you should always talk to your vet, but a simple thing to try is to start by going grain free, followed by trying different proteins and seeing if switching from say chicken to beef helps. We’re always happy to have a chat and discuss the different foods we offer along with offering advice.

“What’s often surprising to many dog owners is that many really high quality dog foods which have all natural ingredients, are not actually hugely expensive and are often very close in price to the brands which offer lower percentages of meat content along with unwanted additives. The difference can be pennies, and yet providing the right food for your dog can help with everything from itchy skin to behavioural issues.”

Katy and Jordan are happy to share their expertise on dog behaviour and nutrition. For more information check out the website www.naturalcornishpet.co.uk.