Dog Friendly Beaches in Cornwall

Many Cornish beaches have dog bans in the summer.  Want to know which beaches are dog friendly, the ones that you can take your dog to in Cornwall in the summer all day long? We’ve put together a guide where we’ve left out all the ones that are covered by sea at high tide, or which, honestly, are tiny bits of stoney cove that take an hour to get to on foot. These are our favourites, and the favourites of the 15k social media followers we have, and all the dog loving, Cornwall exploring people we meet when working on Dog Friendly Cornwall.



All the beaches are set out in areas, such as Far West Cornwall, North Coast (East) etc so you know roughly where they are in the county and it is easy to find one in the area that you are staying in or visiting.

We’ve offered the guide for free to our followers in digital format for some time now, but many have asked for a printed version. We’re happy to tell you that the guide is currently on offer for £4.50 (including postage).

Click here to see the Cornwall Council list of beaches where dogs are banned

Click here for maps showing where Dog Control Orders are enforced