Dogs Stand Up Paddleboarding

I had great fun Stand Up Paddleboarding with Westcountry Watersports in Mylor recently. It’s easier than it looks and lots of owners take their dogs along for the ride.

Here are have some advice from Stand Up Paddleboarding instructor Richard Marsh from West Country Water Sports in Mylor about how to enjoy SUP with your dog. If you scroll down we also have more photos and articles to help you get started if you would like to give it a try.


SUP with yoru dog, Coverack, Cornwall


Richard says:
A dog is not a fashion accessory, and like some people might not actually want to go stand up paddleboarding! But if you have a ‘water dog’ and you think it might like the idea of sitting on a board watching the world go by and get a kick out of seeing its owner do all the hard work, here are some tips on trying out SUP with your dog:


  • Purchase a dog buoyancy aid or harness – as well as being an important safety precaution this will give your dog confidence in deeper water and it helps get them back on to the board if they do jump off.


  • When starting to see if your dog is a paddle pooch, start in shallow water around knee depth, so it is easy for them to jump on or off!


  • Start off by resting on your knees on the board the first few times you go out with your dog. It is easier to control your SUP and your SUP buddy and if all goes wrong, plus you don’t have far to fall in if he rocks the board.


  • Once you’re both feeling confident, just start lightly paddling around on your knees, close to the shore with you dog ideally sitting in front of you.


  • As you and your four legged friend get use to your partnership on the board try it stand up. When doing this part we recommend being in over waist water and clear of any objects you might hit as your fall such as boats, harbour walls etc. There’s a strong change of getting wet, so give yourself space and depth of water to fall safely.


  • It will take a few attempts to achieve partly because you need to work out where best to stand with your dog sitting, standing or laying on the board.


  • Finally head out a little further onto the water and let the adventure begin!
As with all watersports, check conditions, such as weather, winds and tides before you head out. It’s easier to try SUP on calm, flat waters and somewhere where there are no strong currents or tides and where there is not a lot of other boat traffic on the water.


SUP dog at Coverack, Cornwall


For more information Stand Up Paddleboard training contact the British Stand Up Paddleboard Association
Richard Marsh
Westcountry Watersports
Mylor Yacht Harbour, Falmouth TR11 5UF
01326 376363



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See more great photos of dogs SUP here
© Jonathan Alcorn/ZUMA Press click here to see the website and order a print
© Jonathan Alcorn/ZUMA Press click here to see the website and order a print
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