Dog friendly ice cream in Cornwall

Mabel Doggie Ice Cream 1An ice cream parlour in Perranporth, Cornwall offers dog friendly ice cream.

Denise Burrell is the lady who came up with the idea. Her son Matt, a chef, offers delicious handmade gelato, ice cream and sorbet for humans at Pavilion Ice in Perranporth.

Matt, a chef, learned to his gelato making skills in Italy, and the ice creams are freshly made each day on the premises.

Denise and Matt thought carefully about how to create delicious ice creams for dogs, which would be gentle on their tummies and offered in flavours dogs would love.

“We switched the rich dairy ingredients, clotted cream and rich cream and replaced that with yoghurt,” explains Denise. “Then we selected ingredients that dogs love, such as gourmet roast beef, which we use in our restaurant The Boatshed.”

The flavours on offer include roast venison, braised beef, pulled pork or rabbit. It has to be said that the human ice creams and gelato are delicious too, and there is an outdoor seating area where you and your dog can enjoy a treat overlooking the beach.