How Bernard Bounded Back

Kernow Paws Rehabilitation provides affordable access to rehabilitation for dogs and other small animals. It all started with Kelly Walmsley’s Newfoundland Bernard…

Kelly was about to leave the Royal Navy after 19 years as a medic when she began seeking treatment for her Newfoundland Bernard who was suffering from hip and elbow dysplasia.

“Bernard had been seen by various specialists and wasn’t a candidate for surgery, so seemed condemned to a life on painkillers. I went on a mission to find alternative treatments,” explains Kelly.

“Eventually I found a hydrotherapy centre. The treatment built up his muscle to support the joints and relieved his pain. It worked wonders. He was able to come off his medication. This got me thinking about how I could help other dogs. I trained as a Canine Massage Therapist, then took an animal physiotherapy diploma, which lead me to train in laser therapy and hydrotherapy.

Former colleague Roxanna Colley, a trained hydrotherapist, became a co-owner and we set up our rehabilitation centre in Camborne.”

We provide the following services:

  • Hydrotherapy – both in a therapy pool and on an underwater treadmill. Great for pre and post operative procedures; weight loss; older and arthritic dogs.
  • Laser Therapy – We use a top of the range class IV laser. This is effective for arthritic pain, sprains, poorly healing wounds, gum disease and tendonitis
  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage Therapy – helpful with acute injury and chronic degenerative conditions.

We do require a veterinary referral to ensure the vet doesn’t feel treatment would be contraindicated and to get a full picture of your pets health

Special offer:

We would love to offer you initial assessment for £20 instead of £30 along with a 5% discount off a block of either 6 laser sessions or 10 hydrotherapy sessions. Please quote KPR18 when booking.

To contact us, ring 07977585693, email or visit our website here